Phantom Cookies


+-70% Sativa

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Phantom Cookies

The Phantom Cookies cannabis strain tantalizes both the body and mind. Euphoric and thought-provoking, this strain helps consumers travel inward. Offering a safe mental space for overcoming stresses and dealing with pain, this herb often inspires creative solutions to problems.

Phantom Cookies Experience

This cannabis strain may sound dark and haunting, but there’s nothing wicked about this intoxicating flower. It is an energetic Hybrid with an uplifting and happy personality.

This strain is alert enough for the day, yet this strain is more likely to cause sedation in high doses. When used in moderation, this flower has ample pain-fighting abilities.

This cannabis strain is a moderately potent strain, making it suitable for both experienced and occasional cannabis consumers. Those sensitive to THC may experience some anxiety and paranoia with this flower.

Medical Benefits of Phantom Cookies

The excellent head-body balance this herb offers makes it a nice option for medical marijuana patients looking for relief from a range of symptoms.

  • This strain is an excellent choice for daytime pain relief. While the effects of this flower are mind-centered, it often provides relief from muscle spasms and general aches and malaise
  • Cannabis patients hoping to ease away depression, chronic stress, and anxiety may appreciate the mood-boosting properties of this flower
  • A popular selection for those with fatigue and difficulty concentrating, this herb promotes alertness and focus

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