Northern Lights



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Northern Lights

Sometimes, you just want a reliable, sleepy, relaxing strain. When you need to leave daily stress and anxiety behind, Northern Lights is an excellent choice. Nearly a pure indica, this heavy-hitting flower is one of the most popular strains around.

Northern Lights Experience

This nighttime strain is well-known for its fast acting, heavy hitting effects. Many marijuana consumers quickly find themselves sinking into the couch in a state of euphoric bliss. You may also notice that you’ve meandered into the kitchen in search of some tasty snacks.

Anyone that needs a very rapid sedative or painkiller will likely be impressed with this bud.

Muscle tension and physical stress evaporate almost immediately. Though indicas are known to create a heavy-bodied sensation, Northern Lights feels like it removes the weight of everyday wear and tear. It’s easy to move, though you may find yourself stuck to the couch after a couple of tastes.

Accompanying this physical high is a sense of euphoria. An uplifting sense of well-being eases away mental stresses and elevates mood. Though, with this happiness comes hunger. You’ll want to have some snacks handy before breaking into Northern Lights.

Recreational marijuana consumers will appreciate this strain’s happy, relaxing effects. This is the perfect weed for a rainy day or when you just need to sit back and de-stress.


Medical Benefits of Northern Lights

While the CBD content of Northern Lights is not high enough in isolation to treat any serious conditions that respond to it, this strain still has a number of medicinal applications for cannabis consumers.

  • Medical marijuana patients tend to like this strain for eating disorders, chronic stress, and mood disorders
  • The intense physical high this strain provides is also excellent for pain. Muscle spasms, tension, arthritis pain, and general soreness are all eased by this sedative herb.
  • Marijuana patients suffering from migraines and headaches may also find this strain offers them some relief
  • Those with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and chronic stress also tend to love Northern Lights.


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