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Bubba Kush is an Indica cannabis strain that offers many medicinal and recreational benefits. Pick up this strain if you’re looking to relieve stress, pain or insomnia.

Moods Helps Negatives Flavors
Euphoria ADD/ADHD Dry Mouth Earthy
Giggly Anorexia Dry Eyes Nutty
Hungry Anxiety Anxious Pungent
Pain Relief Arthritis Dizzy Spicy/Herbal
Relaxed Cramps Paranoid Sweet
Sleepy Crohn’s Disease
Gastrointestinal Disorder
Lack of Appetite

The effects of indica are happy and deeply relaxing. This strain has a tranquilizing effect that can easily lull you to sleep or help you de-stress.

This strain has average THC content, usually floating between 14-22%, and is an excellent medical option for a number of cannabis patients.

Bubba Kush Experience

Bubba Kush is definitely a nighttime strain. This strain is quick to cause heavy eyelids and deep sedation. Don’t expect to be able to focus intently on detailed tasks, and you might find yourself drifting off during a movie.

It’s easy to drift off to sleep after a few tastes of this chocolaty herb. Unlike many Indica strains, the buzz starts in the head before gradually making its way down into a heavy body stone. Consumers can expect a powerful, couch-locking body high from Bubba Kush.

You’ll begin to feel muscle tension ease away and a pleasant, happy feeling will quickly replace any stress and worry. Overall, the mental effects of this flower are hazy and tranquilizing. However, it’s known to produce a strong euphoria, perhaps making the overall experience a dreamy and surreal.

The most memorable thing about this strain is its ability to promote a deep sense of physical relaxation and reduce stress. However, having some snacks on hand before you pick this one up may be helpful, as this strain has a reputation for inspiring the munchies.

Medical Benefits of Bubba Kush

This strain has been popular with medical cannabis patients for almost two decades thanks to the number of conditions it can help to manage.

  • Strong Indica effects make Bubba Kush a great choice for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients
  • High THC levels stimulate appetite and provide ample pain relief and deep muscle relaxation
  • Potent sedative effects also make Bubba the perfect cure for insomnia
  • You’ll want to stick to nighttime use with this strain, however. Bubba Kush can leave you stuck on the couch and craving your favorite snacks.

*Disclaimer: All the above information was combined from different sources. The above information, pictures and %’s cannot be guaranteed and is merely a guideline for informational purposes.

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